• Coach led, nutritional & fitness support – WONDERFUL, kind, awesome community. (But make no mistake, they will not let you off the hook – they will hold you accountable to the rules SO YOU SUCCEED)
  • Next group starts this MONDAY, October 15th.
  • Ends November 13th.
  • 4 days each week: 20min cardio
  • 1 day each week: 40min cardio
  • 2 days each week: OFF DAYS
  • In order to STAY IN THE RUNNING for the 30 days and get $15 back you must write the word of the day (posted each morning at 4am in our Facebook Group) on a piece of paper and take a photo of that next to your cardio equipment to prove you did the work on that day. You may also use a fitbit or GPS tracker on runs and post the screenshot of that AS LONG AS it has the date, mileage, and time. 
  • Prizes and optional challenges for people looking to do more work.

Payment Info

Submit $30 To:
Venmo: berryt798

Please post your Facebook name in the transaction so I can find you and add you to the group. My email is OR you can shoot me a text at 708-497-8151 (cell) to let me know you just submitted payment and get added. If you follow the rules and do the work, you get $15 back. If not, it goes to the pot. This is meant to keep you invested when you otherwise might have given up. This way it only cost you $15 to commit to yourself and stick with it. ONE DAY ISN’T WORTH LOSING $30!!

After you complete your first “30 Days of BS Cardio,” you can choose to enter the next 30 Day cycle. We always take about a week off between each cycle. This is a great way to kick start yourself and stay moving. Especially with the holidays coming.

Life can get in the way at times, people get sick, kid stuff happens, work happens, LIFE HAPPENS. IF you find you broke a rule and lost the $30, PLEASE STAY IN THE GROUP AND FINISH OUT YOUR 30 DAYS. We occasionally do prizes for people that lose their $30 but take it on the chin and finish everything else out. Either way, this is about getting better for yourself at a very low cost with very high paybacks to your health, happiness and well being. Plus, you might even make a friend or two in this process! We can’t wait to have you in our next group! 

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