The main domains of effective fitness are:

  • Learning Proper Movement
  • Good Programming
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Accountability 
  • Developing a Strong Mental Game

It doesn’t really matter who or what you do these things through, as long as you do them. There are plenty of competent, wonderful coaches out there. Find one who can help you in these domains or hire a great physical coach and a nutritional coach. One of the biggest problems people face is accountability around doing their workouts AND eating properly. The simply truth is that you probably won’t stick with a self led program long enough to see your work pay off. If you do make it to the gym consistently, not knowing what to eat and when leaves you frustrated when you’re putting in the hard hours throughout the week, but not seeing results.

Paying a fitness and nutritional coach to move through this journey with you ensures you meet your goals. Look at hiring a coach as an investment in your health and happiness.